SPEL is a partner in the “Code4SP – Coding for Social Promotion” Project, occurring during 2021-2023, and will have partners from Germany, Cyprus, Greece and Portugal.
Main objectives:
• Generate socio-economic promotion, by providing job-market-oriented training on computer programming.
• Transfer currently established good practices on non-formal education, on computer programming, to the Southern European countries, that are, simultaneously, deemed more economically vulnerable and subjected to an unprecedented exposure to migratory waves, of people with low socio-economic condition.
Final results:
• Being capable of providing specialized training to students, who belong to displaced populations, or students who are under the risk of socio-economic exclusion, in courses with high employability;
• Being endowed with a ready-made solution, on the issue of inclusive education, which will have taken into consideration the peculiarities of their national context, as well as with concrete recommendations and methodologies, on ways in which such solution (Code4SP) could affect the configuration of their policies;
• Gain a specialization on the provision of coding training to their target groups, by joining a networked community, that will provide them with all the technical support;
• Access to a new training offer;
• Specialization in an area with high levels of employability;
• Development of specialized knowledge in ICT and coding;
• Development of job-market oriented soft-skills;
• More job opportunities;
• Decrease in youth unemployment and percentage of dropouts.

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Acronym Code4SP
Title Coding for Social Promotion
Programme Erasmus+
Key Action KA3 Support for policy reform
Reference  621417-EPP-1-2020-1-PT-EPPKA3-IPI-SOC-IN
Status Ongoing
Start date 15/01/2021
End date 31-12-2023
Partners • Sociedade Promotora de Estabelecimentos de Ensino Lda., Portugal (applicant organisation);
• C.I.P. Citizens in Power, Cyprus;
• CSI – Center For Social Innovation Ltd.,Cyprus;
• CODEDOOR. ORG EV, Germany;
• ZAUG, Germany;
• Action Synergy SA, Greece;
• Social Hackers Academy; Greece;
• CEPROF- Centros Escolares De Ensino Profissional, Lda., Portugal.
Website https://code4sp.eu/