SPEL – Sociedade Promotora de Estabelecimentos de Ensino Lda – is partner in the “POEME – Project leading to an Exhibition for the incorporation of Migrant children into the European school frameworks” Project, occurring during 2021-2023, and will have partners from France, Cyprus, Belgium and Greece.

Project objective:
POEME’s general aim is founding social inclusion of migrant students, by familiarizing them with the European culture, through acquainting the most powerful cultural tool: language.
Building on the host country’s language, as a second language in schools, helps to build linguistic and cultural richness, whilst contributing towards the fulfilment of one of the most important prerequisites for empowering minority groups.

POEME intends to provide students with linguistic support, in any of the four languages of the consortium (EN, FR, PT, EL), while broadening their spectrum of knowledge in European culture and their host country’s culture, thus helping students with their social and emotional development. This contributes to improving migrant students' overall school performance and minimizes the risk of low achievement and early school leaving.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, in terms of the delivery of quality and inclusive education, POEME aspires to endow both educators and students with tailor-made material, as well as train them in the creation of innovative and open resource educational material. Thus, steps towards digital education readiness are taken and the target groups are supported to adapt to distance learning.

Final results:
POEME’s aspirations regarding students (12-18 years old) and language teachers are:

• to acquire second language skills through familiarizing with European culture, thus feeling in more unity with their local peers and understanding their host country better;
• to allow the language learning to be done through acknowledging cultural treasures, while using innovative, open source, inclusive digitized methodologies and material;
• to learn how to use digital technologies to communicate knowledge, thus also contributing to the modernization of didactic models in language learning and adaptation to distance learning;
• to allow migrants and native students to create collaborative frameworks, while practicing language, through the simultaneous acquisition of communications and transversal skills.

Acronym POEME
Title Project leading to an Exhibition for the
incorporation of Migrant children into the
European school frameworks
Programme Erasmus+
Key Action KA226 - Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness
Reference  2020-1-FR01-KA226-SCH-095081
Status Ongoing
Start date 01/06/2021
End date 31/05/2023
Partners • Les Apprimeurs, France (applicant


• SCS LogoPsyCom, Belgium; 

• IASIS, Greece;

• SPEL, Portugal

Website https://poemeproject.eu/